4 1/2 Stars for Glory, by Ali Katz

4 1/2 Stars for Glory"...Passion, love, danger and deceit all roll together to make Glory a great short read. ... It is heartwarming to see an author take on the stereotype that only the thinnest can succeed in the dance world. Ms. Katz also gives a realistic glance into the depression that can take hold of a person who is told that the shape of their body will forever keep them from realizing their dream. Brava to this inspiring new voice in fiction..." ~~Valerie, Manic Readers Reviews

Glory is a sweet, whimsical tale with an underlying contemporary darkness. The story slowly unwinds measure by measure until all you can do is “ooh” and “ah” at each revelation. Connor is an assertive, talented man and a perfect balance for Glory’s vulnerability and passion. Both characters share a strength and courage that shines through Ms. Katz’s writing. They face all the ugliness of the world with admirable perseverance, and being artists, they are not strangers to pain and hardship. The sex scenes are combustible while leaving you with the feeling that Glory and Connor are truly connected mentally and emotionally to one another. ~~Patrice F., Joyfully Reviewed

Only One Regret

“Only One Regret” by Ali Katz is a compelling read. The characters are well drawn and the plot is nicely developed.

Daniel is the main character and our narrator; his lover Ramon, a spectral ex-lover Josh, and the very live widow of Josh, Melanie, round out the other major participants. Each of these people was given time to develop and each made interesting and surprising choices that kept me involved and turning pages.

It was surprising how prominent Melanie was in this story; something that doesn’t always happen in gay literature ~ a female that is a full person without being a ‘best friend’ or ‘understanding’ secondary character. While she would never be a poster child for feminism with some of the choices she made, she was definitely stronger than she initially appeared.

A supernatural mystery, hot sex, and interesting characters combine to make this an enjoyable read. ~~Matthew, Rainbow Reviews

"Ali Katz has done a wonderful job with Only One Regret. Just when you think you have moved on with your life, the past that you have not let go comes back to haunt you. Ali had my heart pumping and aching as I read Only One Regret. Everyone has had their past come back to haunt them at one point or another. We all have to deal with it at some point. Most of us just do not have to deal with it in so direct a matter, but deal with it we do." ~~Dianna, Manic Readers

Gato Negro

5 Stars for Gato Negro"Gato Negro is a wonderful delight of a story. The attraction builds compellingly, the sex is steamy enough to keep you warm on long, cold winter nights, and the romance is sweet and touching. I loved Carlos as a conflicted hero, who can’t resist his lady even when he thinks he should, and Beth was smart, strong and tough enough to help him when needed. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal romance." ~~Dawn D., Manic Readers

"From the beginning, I found this story a page-turner. The lovers are combustible! Even with the odds stacked against them, Ms. Katz finds a way to bring them together that satisfies and gives the happily-ever-after promise, even when the reader may doubt it's possible because of the unique plot line. It's much more than a shapeshifter story.

This is my first story by Ali Katz, but it definitely won't be my last." ~~Brit Blaise, Best Selling Author, Cave Creek Cowboys

"Ali Katz beckons the reader into her South American shape-shifter story with an exquisite palette of words. The sex is hot, the jungle steams off the page, and by the end, you'll wish you could be like Beth and find your own version of Carlos, amber-eyed black jaguar and lover extraordinaire."~~Cari Silverwood, Amazon Reviewer

The Highwayman

5 Nymphs - "The Highwayman is a riveting historical set in Hungary in the middle of the eighteenth century. The opening scene jerks the reader into a world of danger and a love affair that defies the odds – and the laws.

Janos is the type of man who commands attention, even when he’s trying to avoid it. His heartache is palpable and his love for Stefan is undeniable. Stefan is equally as entrancing; his care for Janos strong as he watches the man he loves slowly lose his grip on control...The love scenes remained perfectly true to the time period and the story, as a whole, kept me on the edge of my seat.

If The Highwayman is anything to go by, I’ll be hunting down more from this author in the future." ~~Satyr Vael, Literary Nymphs

"The chemistry between Janos and Stefan was incredibly hot, resulting in sizzling sex scenes... The interesting characters and well-crafted setting will entice readers in this quick read." ~~Kassa, Manic Readers

"Katz sets the historical tone believably and well... The characters in this story are fascinating... both lead males engaging and refreshingly masculine without being relegated to top and bottom stereotypes... The Highwayman works well, not only as a romance piece, but also as a believable action-adventure. It is charming and believable and I was very entertained as I read it."
~~Paul G. Bens, Jr, Uniquely Pleasurable

"The Highwayman opens with a not so gentle sex scene and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the story. From there on I knew this was not going to be a sweet little romance. Janos’ actions and reactions from that scene on had me under his spell and on his side, even when I didn’t always agree with him. Janos was so conflicted and torn up inside that it was heartbreaking. Stefan, although Janos kept his anger levels high, he never gave up on Janos. I was right in my initial assumption that this was not going to be a hearts and flowers romance. It wasn’t, but it did have some wonderfully sweet and tender moments. Through all the anger, angst, and self-doubt Janos was capable of love and it was a beautiful thing when he showed it. The Highwayman is an engaging story that will hold its readers captive from start to finish." ~~Reviewed by Ley, Joyfully Reviewed

"...The description is lush right from the word go, which impressed...There are some nice historical touches...I particularly liked the mystery of the style, the author skilfully [sic] drip feeds us with information and I for one was very eager to find out what was behind it all...There?s [sic] swords, hurt and comfort, misunderstandings and adventure, what more do you want, dancing hippos?...An entertaining and enjoyable [story]...Go forth and buy it."

Damon's Price

4 ½ Delightful Divas

"Whew! What a tear jerker! Folks, have your hanky ready when you sit down to read Damon’s Price (sic), because you’re definitely going to need it....I absolutely was whisked away from the very first page of this book. Ali Katz created a very delightful but heartfelt story with this book. I fell in love right away with... Claudia, a woman who has had her share of tragedy in her life... More than a few tears were shed when Claudia had to do as her conscious demanded instead of what her heart wanted. (Hence the hanky.)
...Ms. Katz’s unlikely hero...was the perfect match for Claudia, and the author did a wonderful job of combining a strong and caring man with a dutiful servant who is anything but submissive.
...So if you’re looking for a wonderful but touching short story set in ancient Rome, Damon’s Price (sic) is definitely the book for you!" ~~Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews

"Since I’m so special and all, I read an arc of this story last week. Oh my dears, Damon is simply delicious, the story moved me seamlessly into the decadent world of an ancient Roman country estate. My only complaint was that the novella was over much too soon. Run your mouse right over to My Bookstore and More to get your own copy of Damon’s Price by Ali Katz" ~~Evanne Lorraine

"The story left me breathless. Ali's writing is so smooth and fresh. She puts the reader in the bodies of Claudia and Damon in such a way I ended up experiencing the steamy desires each invokes in the other. Oh, Lord, it's hot, sensual and one of the best reads I've had in a while. Want a great book? Be sure and check Ali's Damon's Price out. You won't regret it!" ~~Judith Leger, Fantasy and Contemporary Romance Author

"Ms. Katz's writing pulled me in from the first page and I was never bored reading Claudia and Damon's story. Damon's Price moved along quickly and I understood the hero and heroine's hopes, dreams, desires, and conflicts. I never thought of putting it down and finishing another day. I loved that the time period was unique... authentic and the plot extremely believable. I really felt for these characters and couldn't stop smiling when they achieved their happily ever after.
I know the economy is tough, but if you can set aside a couple dollars to spend on Damon's Price, you'd find that your money was well spent."
~~Lynette, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques.

5 Angels - "Damon's Price is a sexy and emotional read. Ali Katz succeeds once more in immersing the reader in the story from the first page, and keeps the tension and interest going. The book's main strength is in its characters-both Claudia and Damon felt real, their emotions raw and believable." ~~Maija, Fallen Angel Reviews

"There is so much to Damon's Price that rides below the surface. There is intrigue, manipulation, deceit, and betrayal that leads to an unexpected result. Yet all-in-all, the story is rife with love, hope, and the passion that only a forbidden love can engender. Damon's Price is well written, its characters vivid and real to the reader. It allows to you hate the villain, love the (sic) heroine, and cry for the hero. It stirs the senses with its sensuality, and yet when the end comes, you wish there was more." ~~Rose, Romance at Heart Magazine

His Brother's Keeper

Readers' Comments;

"The chemistry between Jess and Sal is perfect, the sex, hot and steamy, Ali makes you feel the emotion. These guys are partners in the truest sense." ~~Debbie V

"The story is wonderful, funny, exciting, heart breaking without ever being maudlin, and is beautifully written. If you’ve wanted to sample a m/m romance this is the perfect entry into the genre." ~~Evanne L

"It's intense, emotional, and well, just plain wonderful. Packed with heart touching moments and sizzling love scenes, Ali has once more given us a book to remember." ~~Judith L

"Touching, funny, romantic, and beautifully written." ~~Lillian G

"His Brother’s Keeper is a terrific read! I don’t think Ali knows how to write anything other than wonderful.

This is an awesome story about the fragile unity of family! Ali Katz handled it heart and lots of love. A must read for any romance reader!" ~~ Jadette P

"A book worth reading twice." ~~Terri P

"The kind of a journey where I am anxious, laughing, gritting my teeth, praying things will work out so the good guys AND the bad guys get what they deserve is what I seek in books and Ali hit the bullseye.

This is a definite must read." ~~DH Starr

The Reviewers:

"Solid writing, well drawn characters, and an interesting and well paced plot kept me engaged throughout. There are some hot sex scenes as well as some tender moments between the protagonists and I liked that Teddy's problems were not magically solved. This is the first story I've read by Ali Katz and I look forward to reading more in the future."~~Lily, Rainbow Reviews

5 Ravens and Recommended Read:

"...Ms. Katz skillfully tackles the complicated and emotionally charged issues of child abuse, sexual identity, and social work with a very realistic approach and without descending into angst. Ms. Katz does not present quick or easy fixes to the problems facing Sal, Jess, and Teddy, and that is what makes this novel so appealing. Jess and Sal’s relationship is pretty solid but, like most couples under strain, they discover problem areas that begin to crack from the pressure they are under.

All of Ms. Katz’s characters are well-developed and engaging. The interactions between Sal and Jess, and their neighbors and tenants, Beth and Carmen, provide many of the novel’s light-hearted moments. Despite his issues, Teddy is a likeable and sympathetic character. The strongest element of His Brother’s Keeper is Jess and Sal’s partnership. They are a fantastic couple who deal with their problems, for the most part, head on. The sex scenes between Jess and Sal are tender, sometimes funny, and always smoking’ hot.

His Brother’s Keeper by Ali Katz is a superb novel with a lot of heart." ~~Kathy, Black Raven Reviews

A NightOwl Reviews' Top Pick

4.5 Stars - "I was very impressed by the characterization and smooth fluidity (sic) of the story itself. Not only were all of the characters very likeable, they also were relatable and people that I would easily be friends with… Nothing is easy for any of the characters in this book... and I appreciated the determination all of them had to achieve their goal of being a family together. " ~~Daisiemae, NightOwl Reviews

Ebook Addict

"His Brother’s Keeper by Ali Katz is one of those stories that linger on long past the time you’ve read the last words. Part of it is the subject matter, but a bigger part is the depth of the characters and their come-to-life personalities. Dear heaven, Sal and Jess are wonderful, both individually and as a couple. The love that they share, the still-new excitement of their being together rolls off the pages and leave me somewhat envious… I remember those days!" ~~Kathy K, Reviews at Ebook Addict

Michele 'n Jeff Reviews

5 Stars and Simply the Best of 2010 pick - "While His Brother’s Keeper cannot in any way be classified as a young adult novel, it is nonetheless an exceedingly moving coming-of-age story. I began the book with the expectation that the focus would be on the relationship between Jess and Sal, and while that was most certainly an integral part of the story, it wasn’t, in my humble opinion, the driving component of the book. What I found instead, was a beautifully told story about a young man who doesn’t want to be defined, he simply wants to be. I discovered a book that deals with the evolving and ever broadening concept of a family and what it means to fit in. I experienced the emotional and sometimes tragic exploration of a boy who tried, and often failed, to understand his place in the world, until he found someone to whom he truly wanted to belong.

In the light of the current events surrounding GLBTQ teens, Teddy’s story may be more relevant than ever. Ali Katz tells this story skillfully and with compassion, taking the reader along on an often painful, ultimately uplifting journey that left me wanting to know Teddy better." Lisa, Michele 'n Jeff Reviews